Yes, I’m alive.

And in America. 🙂  Right now I’m sitting in my mama’s kitchen, typing on her laptop and sharing some shiraz with her.  J is watching “Elmo’s World” in the next room, and my love is two hours East of here, playing the host for some Japanese friends who came to town yesterday for a wedding.  Our two weeks have positively flown, and I can’t believe we have to be back in the airport world on Tuesday.  (Flying used to be exciting before I had a baby.. and wasn’t so bad until that baby was almost two.)  I haven’t had near as much good coffee as I’ve wanted, and I haven’t even come close to crossing all the eateries off my list (maybe two?), but I have come to a few conclusions:

  • Our hometown is just a place.  Its a good place, and I like it, but its just a place.  My problems don’t dissolve just because I’m in America — and since my Father made all places, I can be ‘at home’ anywhere.
  • There is just NOTHING like friends with whom you can pick up just where you left off, as if no time or distance has separated you.

I’ve loved being around family and watching them love on my little guy, though I feel as if I haven’t seen my husband much since coming over.  I miss our house and the more relaxed pace of life that we’ve gotten used to.  It’ll be hard to say goodbye again, but we’re thankful for the time the LORD has given us.

Seeking to enjoy the rest of it..


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