I can’t come up with a post title that isn’t cliche`

I’ve been:

  • Getting my out-of-practice mind back into studying Japanese.
  • For a few days, taking care of the little guy with a stomach bug.
  • Thinking about what to post when I eventually came back to this dear little blog.
  • An endless routine of breakfast, class, laundry, lunch, dishes, nap,  study, dinner, dishes, hang out, bed.
  • Reading like crazy:  “The Heretic’s Daughter,” “The Shack,” “Believing God”, “Sacred Pathways”…
  • Drinking coffee
  • Having fun with my hubby.. LOTS of fun 😉
  • Watching Mars Hill podcasts.
  • Thinking and praying about life decisions.
  • Calling friends and family back home.
  • Trying to find a new rhythm for J, who has been taking 1 nap a day for a year now and is sleeping less and less of it.  😦

..and hopefully updating this blog a bit more.  My brain energy has been monopolized by language and toddler recently.


  1. Glad you’ve been having FUN! And also hope that the little guy gets to feeling better pronto!

    Did I miss a call from you on Friday? I think I tried to pick up, and then it was dropped for some reason. I assume it was you, and I was bummed to miss you! I want to talk soon–I just need to purchase another phone card. Maybe my tomorrow evening (your Wednesday morning)? Thoughts?

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