keeping myself busy.

due date countdown: 2 days.

found this myers-briggs mothering article — immensely enjoyed it and thought i’d pass it along.  i’m the “know-thyself mother” (INFJ).

doing better today.  decided last night i was going to stop the worrying and waiting by attempting to just do a normal day — i’ve been rather productive and feel a bit like i’m nesting again.  went to the midwife with jones this morning — she checked my cervix and said its soft but still high.  in other words:  “keep squatting, climbing stairs, and walking on rocks and sand.. you’re baby will probably be late!”

i talked with my mom the other day.  apparently, she was induced two weeks after her due date when pregnant with me.  my brother was about 10 days late.  really hoping this dude decides to make his entrance prior to week 42, or i can’t give birth at the clinic — at that point, i’d have to be admitted to the local hospital and give birth there instead, which is a bit more freaky for me to think about.  don’t know anything about the hospital, its procedures, etc.

bryan and i are settling in for the short-but-feels-long haul, i suppose 🙂


  1. Praying for you and Bryan during this short-but-feels-so-long period of time. This too shall pass, right? Hang in there!

    I am an INFJ as well, but the F and T are pretty close, so my “mothering profile” fits a little more on the INTJ side, it seems.

    Your boy will come at exactly the right moment. And you will be there to greet him. 🙂

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