ING: what we’re up to

-coughing and blowing our noses.  all four of us.  the fifth o’donnell may be sneezing in-utero, but i’m pretty sure that’s not illness related.

-hanging around in our PJs today.  jones is staying home from youchien and we’ll probably watch movies.  perhaps i’ll attempt to make some soup.  its a cloudy day, calling for such things.

-walking on crutches.  but that’s just bryan.  he sprained his ankle playing basketball, which he hates.  when he came home, he laid on the couch and said to me, “i wish i would’ve at least been playing something i enjoyed!”  two more weeks-ish of this sadness. 😦

-fielding a million pleas to open presents each day.  my answers are usually something like, “not until all the ornaments are on the jesse tree.”  “not until mr. jason and miss megan come to stay.” “not until it’s Jesus’ birthday– and what is Jesus’ birthday about?? NOT PRESENTS, you’re right!”

-sleeping in bed alone because my hubby can’t make it up the stairs 😦 sad times.

-enjoying the exit of morning sickness with the entrance of week 15 — and just in time for Christmas goodies!

-listening to “behold the lamb of God” by andrew peterson a lot.

-ignoring the crumbs on the floor. and the dishes.  and the laundry.

-feeling very encouraged by jones’s progress at youchien and with japanese.  he is growing up so much!  and now often wants to speak in japanese at home — he sometimes slips up and calls me “mariko-sensei” instead of “mama,” which he uses only when using japanese.  (in english, i’m “mom.”)

-wishing i had more time for writing and blogging.

-attemping to prepare our hearts during this Christmas season, in the midst of all this craziness.


  1. ING: bouncing off the walls excited about christmas with the o’donnells! i’m starting my own countdown with jonesie 🙂 sorry your family is sick and injured though…feel better soon!

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