spring has a way of infusing some extra zip into my days.  every year, at the end of winter, i wail, moan, and wonder if i’ll ever get anything done — ever. again.  and then warmer temperatures arrive, the depressing emotional fog lifts, and i can once again accomplish things.

i’ve spent this week unpacking from our spontaneous trip to okinawa, helping jones get started with his second year at youchien (school year starts in april here), cooking some yummy meals, and organizing organizing ORGANIZING — and rearranging everything in sight.  spring fever AND nesting have assured that my husband will never again find what he’s looking for.  at least not until next spring, when i do another round of rearranging and move his items back to their previous home.

despite all this activity and energy, i have done very very little to prep for baby #3’s arrival.  yikes.  eight weeks to go and i’ve THOUGHT about doing a lot of things — but deep down in my subconscious, i know that all the baby really needs is diapers, my boob, and a place in our bed, so nothing has come of all my thinking.  plus, we have all the gear, minus some cutesy girl clothes — but aunts and grandmas are providing the hook-up with all that stuff, so i don’t really have to worry about it. (hooray!) here’s a pic of me two weeks ago, at 30 weeks.

i feel large, but when i look at the picture, my belly seems smaller than it was with jones and ezra — my large feelings probably have more to do with living in a country populated by “fun-size” people.  and then again, the last weeks of boredom and waiting are prime time for snacking and weight gain, so we’ll see how big i am by the end.

so here’s what i really want to do in the coming weeks, before baby girl arrives:
-spend lots of time outside
-read, read, read
-catch up on american idol
-SLEEP (as much as ezra will allow!)
-let ez nap in the stroller and use that time to go to starbucks, explore, be out of my house


    1. yes, my boob 🙂 i could’ve said “breastmilk,” but it didn’t have the right sound to it with the rest of the words. and it wouldn’t have made you laugh. 🙂 tee-hee.
      perhaps i should’ve been anatomically correct and said “boobs.” she will be eating out of more than one.. i hope!

  1. I totally laughed out loud with your “fun size people” comment, awesome.

    “Boob” is way better than “breastmilk”, I agree.

  2. I pictured one boob precisely and also laughed at “fun-size” thinking, Man alive, if Jamie feels big, how would I feel??.

    Love you, pregnant chica!

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