yep, it’s today.

we’re having one of those days.  you know, the one where the toys are all over the house — no matter how many times i put them back into the play room, they seem to find their way back under the couch.

the one where bedtime seems ages away.

the one where i want to drink copious amounts of coffee, eat loads of ice cream and chocolate, and not cook dinner.

the one where my four-year-old and i have several versions of this conversation throughout the day:
“mom, i want some gum.”
“i’m sorry, we don’t have any gum dude.”
“but i want the green kind!”
“i’m sorry, we don’t have any gum.”
“but i thought we had some in that drawer, i saw it!”
“jones, we don’t. have. any. gum.”
“nooo! i said i wanted the green kind!”
“THERE. IS. NO. GUM!” (thinking in the expletives.)

the one where we want to be outside to run off all this energy, but it is, of course, RAINING.  (sigh.)

the one where i repeatedly yell, “STOP DOING THAT TO YOUR BROTHER!”

the one where i actually wake up with fun ideas of things to do that day, and no one else is remotely interested in them.

the one where i think all day that we need to eat healthier, read more, go out less, etc etc etc.

the one where i’m certain our couch is going to cave in from all the jumping.

the one where i am ever so thankful for God’s grace and the ways in which i can practically and actually see my patience growing. (thank you Jesus!)

the one where i try my best to breathe deep, laugh often, and look for the thankful things.

what do/did “those days” look like for you?



  1. I still have days like that! But it took me a lot longer to realize the blessings (like my improved patience). Good for you, Jamie!

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