my mental health checklist.

:: look at the sky.  really look at it.  every day.
:: be outside at least once a day.
:: take a nap. you don’t feel like you need it, but you do.
:: drink lots of water, and not lots of coffee.
:: ask for help. don’t be shy. just give them a call and resolve to not worry.
:: pray.  pray pray pray that Jesus will come and meet you here.
:: if you don’t feel like reading the Bible or praying, ask someone else to do it for you.
:: make a list of ways that stress could be cut in your life and get rid of just one. and know that that’s enough.  you don’t need a total life makeover, this instant.
:: hum.  your favorite song.  anywhere.
:: when the house is quiet and nobody needs you, take a hot bath. and think of nothing except how it feels.
:: bake a special treat and get excited about it with your kids. share the joy of yummy things with them.
:: make a coffee date with someone. especially if you don’t feel like seeing anyone.  this means you need to.
:: look at pretty pictures.
:: remember. that God is good and in control.  that all things change.  that in two months, life could look totally different. that you are loved.  really, really loved.

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