Starting the last weekend without dad before baby makes her arrival. At 38 weeks along, I felt rather stoic about Bryan’s departure today –  it was a ‘let’s just get this over with and get you home’ kind of good-bye. It was the only way I could keep from breaking down and weeping at his feet, “Don’t you ever leeeeaaaaave meeeeeeee!! Everrrrrrrrr!”

Simmering a soup of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage on the stove. This, and garlic toast, will probably complete my meals for the weekend. The other dish I’ve been going to is mikans (clementines), bananas, and raspberries with plain yogurt. Kids will eat cereal, grilled cheese, popcorn, mikans by the bucketful, and a special treat of Dominos pizza. Gotta live simple while papa is away.

Picking up tiny paper scraps and random drawings, everywhere. It seems that all three of my children are in a ‘paper phase.’ If I need to occupy them right now, I just set out pencils, scissors, and a variety of paper (different sized notebooks, colors, etc). They will draw, create, cut, and generally trail. paper. everywhere. for hours. I’m not certain what to do with the fruits of their labors, as there is no way I’m storing all of their output for ten years to come. Actually, I already know, I just don’t want to write it on the interwebs — I throw most of it away. Unless it’s particularly cute, or somehow displays in particular their creative prowess.

Laughing with Jones over Captain Underpants. It certainly gets a boy to read! And it’s ushered Jones into another comic-creating phase.

Prepping for labor, in every way possible. The bags are ready, the plans are in place, and my body seems to know it. As per usual, I’ve already begun having contractions, though not regular and certainly not sticking around. I feel crampy and achy all over this week, but it’s anybody’s guess as to when things will begin in earnest. JUST NOT UNTIL AFTER SUNDAY. Anytime after daddy gets back, baby girl. Let’s stick it out until then.

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