The End

It’s time — the season for writing at High Countries has come to an end. How do I know? I’ve known for a few years now, actually, it was just hard to admit. Endings aren’t nearly as exciting or colorful as beginnings, and so we let them drag on, hoping we might be able to […]

Summer Reading List

Summer is short when your children attend Japanese school, six weeks to be exact. (For some, it’s five!) And yet, after the first few years of longing with nostalgia for American summer (which still rears it’s ugly head sometimes), I’ve come to feel that this amount of time is enough of a break to be […]

Three Months Absent

Does it surprise me that I missed April, May, and June in this year of writing a post every month? Considering that we pulled off a move in a foreign country with our four children in that time, including new school enrollments for all of them, most of the paperwork in Japanese — no, I’m […]

The Rocking Chair.

God gives each of us … a life. Some get a life with a lot of kids, others with one, others with none. Some get marriage, some don’t. Some are given sickness and pain, others are given health and relative ease. Some, riches; some, poverty. Some are asked to live in the same house from […]

Moving on.

I’ve noticed recently that I don’t want to leave the house. I’ve been choosing warm blankets next to the heater over the crisp air and sunshine. It may be because it’s February, which is usually the time of year when I feign hibernation and sink myself into books or limited series on Netflix. But I’m […]