DPP :: one

So since I’m a day ahead over here, I’m also a day behind on DPP.  😦  Not a good start, but I think it can be redeemed. A pic of a sweet-lookin’ tree from a backpacking trip the hubs took a few months ago.  More recent and holiday-friendly pics to follow.

Christmas tree gazing

I’m officially two-minutes too late for this picture posting, but I have a good excuse, as our internet has been down all afternoon.  I tried to take a pic of how we spent the interim hours (“No internet?!”) — drinking coffee, sorting through baby clothes, and watching “True Lies,” staring Arnold, a.k.a. “The Governator” — […]

No-picture Day

If I could describe today with a picture, it would be Jones throwing a humongous screaming tantrum.  Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me today when he did this in the mall, nor did I desire to take pictures whilst trying to rock the screaming dude at 9:45, about an hour and a half […]