it’s only 11 am, and we’ve already had all the makings of a bad day around here.  daddy’s sick with a fever and confined to bed.  mama is “pregnant+summer heat+there’s so much to do+my new iron supplement isn’t here yet” tired.  little boy is over his cold and wilder than ever. we’ve had a canceled […]

my body.

As Japan enters the sweltering summer months at the same time I enter my third trimester, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my body and the days to come.  The swelling, the sweating, the weight gain, the waddling.  And then the birth.  The breastfeeding.  The sleepless nights.  The crying.  After getting used to […]

Morning sickness

Yuck, yuck, yuck.  We’re really in the thick of things now.  I remember when I was pregnant with Jones, laying on the couch in between trips to the kitchen and the bathroom, thinking, “How the HECK am I ever going to do this again, with a little person running around while I’m sick?”  Well.. here […]