impending change.

Just fyi, I finished off the lemon loaf this morning, with some nice java from the Roaster.  It was lovely. Jones is napping and I laid down on the couch for a bit to catch my breath from the morning’s activities and think about how I probably won’t be able to appreciate the special things […]


sometimes the pull between the world and life of a missionary and that of a housewife and mama is really frustrating.  on days like today, when the last thing i want to do is go to my japanese lesson and say — again — that i wasn’t able to finish all of my homework.  i […]


it’s only 11 am, and we’ve already had all the makings of a bad day around here.  daddy’s sick with a fever and confined to bed.  mama is “pregnant+summer heat+there’s so much to do+my new iron supplement isn’t here yet” tired.  little boy is over his cold and wilder than ever. we’ve had a canceled […]

a poem for you.

I want to write for you, so much so, I was penning the words from my bed and had to wake to write them down. When you are the topic, lyric is all that’s appropriate. :: Remember how we looked into each other’s eyes that first night? Sitting on that street bench till 3 am, […]

my body.

As Japan enters the sweltering summer months at the same time I enter my third trimester, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my body and the days to come.  The swelling, the sweating, the weight gain, the waddling.  And then the birth.  The breastfeeding.  The sleepless nights.  The crying.  After getting used to […]


woke up early to shower and put on a dress, just to feel pretty.  brewed coffee.  ate a tiny bowl of some precious mini-wheats. intended to study.  started, but ended up reading emails and blogs, and occasionally staring out the window.  its overcast, but the birds are chirping.  its the type of weather i enjoy […]