snippets of today.

late morning outside. naked little boy with curly hair. little blue pool filled with cold water. shade for a pregnant mama. heart salvaged from a crabby morning. “viva la vida” coming through the speakers. glass of iced tea. elisabeth elliot book. cool breeze from the ocean. giggles, dimples, and splashes heard together. promise of an […]

thirty-two weeks.

almost thirty-three.  that means seven weeks to go before we meet this little guy.  today, seven weeks sounds too short and i think i felt more ‘ready’ in the second trimester than i do right now.  right now, all i feel is tired. i’m afraid my big belly has made me a little bit of […]

my body.

As Japan enters the sweltering summer months at the same time I enter my third trimester, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my body and the days to come.  The swelling, the sweating, the weight gain, the waddling.  And then the birth.  The breastfeeding.  The sleepless nights.  The crying.  After getting used to […]


woke up early to shower and put on a dress, just to feel pretty.  brewed coffee.  ate a tiny bowl of some precious mini-wheats. intended to study.  started, but ended up reading emails and blogs, and occasionally staring out the window.  its overcast, but the birds are chirping.  its the type of weather i enjoy […]

What I’m missing..

I think its safe to say that I’ve never had such strong food cravings EVER, in my LIFE, before now.  But.. I’ve also never lived overseas pregnant before.  A fellow missionary here told me at a conference last week that she cried thinking about Mexican food when she was pregnant with her little ones, and […]

Morning sickness

Yuck, yuck, yuck.  We’re really in the thick of things now.  I remember when I was pregnant with Jones, laying on the couch in between trips to the kitchen and the bathroom, thinking, “How the HECK am I ever going to do this again, with a little person running around while I’m sick?”  Well.. here […]