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My kitchen sink faces the back of our lot one neighbor’s graveled yard literally five feet from the window. I’ve known the comings and goings of this neighbor from my post, heard her crunching steps and listened to the clip-clip of laundry hanging. I watch demurely, hoping she doesn’t catch my eye through the sparse […]

Blocked paths.

I know that the end of a five-day break with all six of us home is not the time for an introvert to be asking hard life questions. It is rarely the time for anything more than quiet, fresh vegetables, and sleep. And yet, here I am: wondering, asking all those questions, putting them up […]

Just the beginning.

Life is busy. It makes it hard to know what to write. Do I talk about the memoir I just finished reading? The books on my nightstand waiting to be opened? (My metaphorical nightstand, anyway. I actually haven’t had one in years.) How about my experiences with language, and my renewed desire to study kanji? […]


We are in the midst of a string of rainy days. It’s been this way for weeks: three days rain, one day of clouds, two days rain, one day of clouds. Welcome, Spring. (I’m over you, by the way.) Along with incessant rain comes the beginning of the school year. As buckets in the sandbox […]